COLD FOLDS was a collaborative drawing made with Alice von Maltzahn for Blacks Club, soho, London 

They'd drawn it for Tuesday the 8th


88 pens

2 lost lids

And a ghost pencil


Shoulder to shoulder

It's hard drawing light into paper, Alice said

I'd like it to feel like plasma, we painted

But instead its becoming False Foxglove


Stalking each others markings

We became

two parasitic flowers

Demanding the sun's attention


'I need more light'


multi-stemmed, they said

Is this somewhere in-between what we agreed?

A remembered membrane –


Disciple biros pilgrimage across their page

re-directed rivers

Lines re-worked into an underwater galaxy


On review,

She's says, it is a Pig's skin stuffed to bursting,

Can you see that its water?

Or do they look like scarred lungs?*


Emilie, she drew 'til she couldn't stand,

Paper-weighted by the idea,

Til her eyes didn't see Alice's cursive hand,

Just her pen page-glittering with frost


Yesterday, Today and November.


It started like a seed in a shell

Now its bigger than both of us.


*When the day is exhausted, night fibrillates breath back into dreams


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Constance Barnwell