In her show ‘Tracing Pathways’ at Kunstahalle m3, Emilie Pugh will be exhibiting her recent work made during her six month residency in Berlin at Atelierhaus Mengerzeile.


Here you will see a series of drawings that explore the tensions that exists between the transitory and the permanent; between form and the void and between what is material and immaterial. With a particular consideration for the mediums with which she works, which she uses as vehicles to express these ideas, Pugh often employs unconventional methods of mark making, for example, burning into paper with a lit incense stick, lighting gunpowder onto her drawings, using thread and light and also mirrors to create a sense of shifting spaces.


‘I like to combine methods of working that leave a significant amount to chance; letting the materials work by themselves, then using this as a starting point from which I then tame the incidental with more considered and structured marks. The speed at which I work allows me to respond to formal relationships as they arise and the immediacy of the drawing process means that my emotional and psychological presence resonates in the marks and overall composition.’


Pugh describes the process of her drawings as an introspective journey-‘a mapping of an internal landscape; tracing contours, following pathways, and feeling a way around an unfolding thought or sensation.’ Emilie is interested in giving form to something that would otherwise exist in the abstract. It is an unraveling of ideas, a documentation of psychological states and a charting of neurological pathways. These drawings pulse and vibrate within the framework of lines and layers that partially contain them. It is for this reason she often works with multiple layers of material. They convey a sense of the drawing visibly moving and shifting; challenging the anchored static moment.

“At any given moment there are countless thoughts within each and every one of us that intersect, overlap, influence and distort one another. If we think about how we are thinking then we are aware of this process but we are unable to say what is going on and why. Everything that we experience adds to the complexity of our inner sea and to the world that is always the process of our making.”

Pugh recently exhibited in ‘Interact Deconstructing Spectatorship’ East Wing Biennial at the Courtauld Institute, (2014-2015) in London alongside Julie Mehretu, Bridget Riley and Felix Gonzalez-Torres. ‘Natural Perception’ Group show, 68 Dean Street London, (2013).

The Poetry of objects’ Solo Show, St Johns College Dolphin Gallery, Oxford (2010), ‘Morph’, Group Show, North Wall Gallery, Oxford, (2009), Oxford University Press, Group Show,(2009), ‘Box Ladder’ , Group show Modern Art Oxford, (2008)